Photographs of the artist and studio are by Paulina Martin.



Kim Kolker has degrees in studio art and secondary art education from the University of Dallas. She is also an ISA CAPP (Certified Appraiser of Personal Property, International Society of Appraisers)  and performs fine art appraisals for clients across the country.   Ms. Kolker has created artworks on commission since the 1990s, when she took up painting. Her  client creations have included custom designs for children's rooms, large scale color portraits from old photographs, reproductions of famous artworks, and client-designed collages. Her personal work follows two divergent paths: examining the intrusion of the media, both social and otherwise into all facets of our lives to our wonderment and detriment, and exploring the paths of peace, love, and joy as these feelings are experienced through our many relationships, both with others and ourselves. To receive a free consultation for a commissioned artwork or art appraisal, call 972.413.6362 or email